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Day 81: Petitioning the Landlord

Day 81: Petitioning the Landlord

The day that we feared has come — the economic shockwave triggered by the Covid crisis has caught up with us.

Day 34: The Daily Grind of Lockdown Life

On Tuesday, D and I made a trip to the nearby neighbourhood of Khar, the furthest we’ve ventured out since the start of lockdown. D had a doctor’s appointment in the suburb, which borders Bandra on its north side, but the trip also gave us an opportunity to see more of the beleaguered city.

Day 27: Weighing the Human Cost of Lockdown

India has been in lockdown for nearly a month now. Prime Minister Modi announced on the last day of the initial 21-day lockdown period that the restrictions on movement will remain in place until May 3rd. With the virus showing no signs of abating, either within India or abroad, I suspect we’ll be seeing further extensions beyond that date.

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