Planet Bombay

India's City of Dreams through the eyes of a Brit who calls it home

Day 15: Diogenes at the Chemist

There was a homeless man near me, sitting in the gutter with his legs splayed, clutching a half-empty bottle of coke. He seemed to have embraced his squalid existence, like a modern-day Diogenes.

Day 13: An Urban Exodus, a Nationwide Blackout and a Gathering Economic Storm

It’s Day 13 of lockdown. Life here in Mumbai has assumed a new rhythm and the tempo has slowed way down. The nights are still beautifully quiet — no auto-rickshaws buzzing here and there like agitated hornets; no joyriders tearing around on modified motorcycles; no speed fiends in souped-up cars with thumping subwoofers.

Lockdown: Panic on the streets of Mumbai

Last night was pretty wild. We came off a Zoom call to find the world in disarray. Our street, which for the past few days had been as ghostly quiet as a neighbourhood in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, was suddenly full of braying traffic. Masked pedestrians carrying bulging tote bags scurried like bandits between the vehicles, bathed in the red glow of brake lights.

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