Planet Bombay

India's City of Dreams through the eyes of a Brit who calls it home


This is a blog about Mumbai, aka The City of Dreams, as seen through the eyes of a Brit who calls it home. One of the most populous and culturally diverse cities in the world, Mumbai — still known to many locals by its colonial name, Bombay — is a source of endless fascination for me.

I spent my teenage years in a South Indian hill station and moved to Mumbai in 2014 during the monsoon (when I was in my late twenties). I spent my first month in a crummy apartment in Vasai, a nondescript town in the outer reaches of Mumbai’s commuter belt, before moving to Bandra, a gentrified suburb full of trendy cafes and nightclubs, nail salons and pet stores. I live in Bandra to this day with my wife, a beautiful, vivacious, multilingual, street-smart Bombay girl.

If you’d like to read my long-form writings about other parts of the world that I’ve visited or lived in, head to The Borderlands.

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